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Champagne at Fine+Rare

In honour of National Champagne Week, Chris Kelly shines the spotlight on everybody’s favourite form of liquid celebration. 
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Focus on the Northern Rhone

As the 2014 En Primeur campaign has now come to a close, our focus at FINE+RARE has shifted to the Northern Rhône. An as...
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Brunello di Montalcino: F+R report

Part of what we do at FINE+RARE is try, wherever possible, to get as close to source as we can. Ideally we deal direct...
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A Trip to Armagnac Part 2: Baron de Lustrac & Domaine N...

Despite Mother Nature providing virtually everything necessary for producing a singular and remarkable spirit, market forces seem intent on keeping Armagnac off the centre...
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2011 Barolo: “Intrigante”

Following a vintage like 2010 is not easy.  2010 Barolos are not only of great quality, they were released to a market primed to...
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A refined, svelte, elegant neighbour to Richebourg

The grand cru vineyards of Vosne-Romanee are arguably the finest vineyards in the world.  Chambertin and Musigny might make a fight of it, though...
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The Rhone Report

The Northern and Southern Rhone are joined by the synonymous river, a spot of Syrah in Chateauneuf du Pape blends and, to be honest,...
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A Taste of The Northern Rhone

The northern and southern Rhone, from a vinous point of view, are essentially two quite different regions with a shared name. Some weeks back...
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F+R Tuscany Report: Montalcino

Brunello is without doubt one of Italy’s most important wines; indeed some have argued that it is Italy’s greatest (although we would probably give...
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A Trip to Armagnac Part I: Domaine Boingneres

Domaine Boingneres enjoys more commercial success than many other properties in Armagnac and indeed, Madame Lafitte’s expressions of Folle Blanch and the elusive Baco...
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The Magic of Valdicava

Buying trips are frequently a Curate’s Egg. On the one hand there is no greater pleasure for a merchant, or at least for me,...
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Armagnac: France’s Best Kept Secret

If I say ‘brandy’ you’ll probably think of Cognac, but what about Armagnac? Both Cognac and Armagnac are brandies from different regions of France;...
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