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Uncovering ancient treasures in Frapin’s Paradis Cellar

This summer FINE+RARE travelled to Cognac to attend the 11th edition of the “Les Parts des Anges” Cognac auction. This auction takes place every two years...
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A Seasonal Selection: Festive Gift Ideas

With the festive season fast approaching, F+R is delighted to offer a selection of gifts befitting of collectors and connoisseurs of all things fine, rare...
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The World’s Most Wanted: Single Cask Exclusives

Across the Fine Wine and Spirits industries, there is growing interest amongst collectors and connoisseurs in single cask exclusives. The past decade has seen a steady rise in single...
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Kavalan: Taiwan’s First Whisky Distillery

Last month our globe-trotting Head of Spirits, David Walters, travelled to Taiwan to visit Kavalan Whisky Distillery. A seemingly unlikely location for one of the...
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Bloomsbury Distillery_Alan McQuillan

In Conversation with: Bloomsbury Distillery

Bloomsbury was historically the home of many of London’s distilleries dating back to the 18th century. This included the original Gin establishments of Gordons...
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Discovering Cognac, Blues + Passions with Delamain Cognac

  This week the F+R Spirits team visited Jarnac in southwestern France, as guests of Delamain Cognac house. During the trip they became better...
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Talisker – The Bodega Series

“The Wilds of Skye meet the Warmth of Spain” Standing on the shores of Loch Harport, in the remote town of Carbost, lays Talisker...
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Tesseron: Master Blender of Ancient Cognac

Tesseron specialise in very old Cognac: XO and beyond Abel Tesseron created Maison Tesseron Cognac House in 1905 and immediately went to work sourcing...
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On the Hunt for a New Whisky at Gordon & MacPhail

Following the success of projects such as the Arbikie Highland Casks, we have been on the hunt for another one-of-a-kind whisky to add to...
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