Meet the faces and personalities behind our eclectic range with our producer profiles and interviews.

Bon Fond: Exploring French Gastronomic Culture

BON FOND Adjective To be good at heart: colloquial expression meaning that someone is a good soul. Noun Good stock: delicious bouillon made with farm-fresh...
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Per·Us: The new Napa Project from Russell Bevan

Russell Bevan is the man behind Bevan Cellars, one of the highest performing and most critically acclaimed wineries in Napa Valley (receiving no less...
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Soldera 2010 Charity Auction – London 28th November 2018

“During the night between 2nd and 3rd December 2012, unknown people broke into Soldera’s cellar at Case Basse; they did not steal a single...
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2018 Truffle Season – In conversation with Renzo Cardelli

In the last few vintages in Piedmont it has been incredibly hot during the autumn months which has not been good news for the truffle season. In...
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Uncovering ancient treasures in Frapin’s Paradis Cellar

This summer FINE+RARE travelled to Cognac to attend the 11th edition of the “Les Parts des Anges” Cognac auction. This auction takes place every two years...
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Jessica Servet Portrait – Winemaker at Hegarty Chamans

Hegarty Chaman is a winery co-owned by Sir John Hegarty and his partner Phillipa Crane. Since purchasing the property in 2002 they have invested...
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Rioja Revolutionary – F+R meets Artadi’s Juan Ca...

Last week F+R met up with Artadi’s owner and winemaker Juan Carlos Lopez de Lacalle. On meeting Juan you would not immediately think that...
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Darioush Wine Napa Valley

Darioush: From the historic Iranian winemaking city of Shira...

“Chose the cup bearer and the wine. Drink. Sing like the starling or the nightingale”. (Rudaki, Persian poet, 858-941 AD) Owner Darioush Khaledi is...
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Tarlant Champagne Profile

Tarlant Champagne – Champagnes with a unique heritage

A CONVERSATION WITH BENOIT TARLANT, WINEMAKER AT TARLANT CHAMPAGNE Last week, I met up with Benoit Tarlant, the vigneron behind the Curvee Louis and...
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Charles van Canneyt – Producer Portrait

Charles Van Canneyt is the young vigneron at the helm of Domaine Hudelot-Noëllat. When Alain Hudelot-Noëllat stepped down from running the domaine in 2008 – a...
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fine wine producers drinking 2018

What Fine Wine Producers are Drinking in 2018

Fine wine producers tend to be very inquisitive people – often leaning towards the obsessive in search of that perfection. Their constant desire to...
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A Servant of the Soil: Vérité’s Pierre Seillan puts ...

“Terroir! Terroir! Terroir!” is something we always hear when trying to understand the nuances of fine wine. Whilst it remains very much a French...
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