Meet the faces and personalities behind our eclectic range with our producer profiles and interviews.

Domaine Hudelot Noellat – Top Picks of 2018

Our visit to Domaine Hudelot Noellat during our autumn stint in Burgundy was easily one of the highlights of the trip. Expectations were already...
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Rhone Valley 2018 Vintage Insight

The Rhone Valley has been enjoying a consecutive set of remarkable vintages since 2015. According to Michel Chapoutier, 2018 has continued in the same...
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24 Hours in… Montpellier with Andrew Jefford

As a wine lover and epicurean how would you best spend 24 hours in Montpellier and surrounding area? This slightly depends if you are...
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Maya Returns Home to Dalla Valle Vineyards

The Birth of the Cult Wine in Napa Valley The story of Maya is a fascinating one. Widely seen as Napa’s first cult wine,...
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Olivier Bernstein’s Bespoke Burgundy

Undoubtedly one of our most memorable stops during our Autumn visit to Burgundy this year was the magnificent cellar of Olivier Bernstein in the...
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An Interview with Andrew Jefford

This week we were fortunate enough to delve into the mind of Andrew Jefford, a man who has been writing professionally about wine for over...
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Venissa: the unique terroir of Venice’s flooded vineyards

The precariousness of Venice’s future in the face of rising water levels has never felt more immediate than this week, with record water levels...
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Nicolas Champagneux – Producer Portrait

Nicolas has lived and breathed Cote Rotie since he was a boy, working alongside his uncle in the vineyards and winery, and in the...
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F+R Sponsor’s Venice Hospitality Challenge

Last weekend F+R were one of the proud sponsors of the Venice Hospitality Challenge, a yacht race that takes place around the island of...
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Joseph Colin – The new Domaine on the Cote de Beaune Block

The family name Colin is a hard one to escape in the Cote de Beaune, with a handful of prolific producers dotted around Saint...
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Roberto Voerzio hosts Fine + Rare Event at Luca Restaurant

Roberto is such a calm and measured man, but even he could not hide his excitement over his latest 2019 vintage as he arrived...
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Interview with Craig Wessels – Restless River

You started producing wines from 2005 – did you buy a developed vineyard or did you start from scratch? We started with about 5...
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