Market-leading fine wine opinion: market reports and FINE+RARE’s assessment on industry developments.

A Year in Photos: 2015 at FINE + RARE

While the most important thing about wine is undoubtedly the taste, any true oenophile will understand the visual allure of a beautiful label, mountain...
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Restaurant Review: Al Boccon di’vino

Chris Kelly reviews Al Boccon di’vino, a vibrant Italian restaurant in Richmond that does away with menus for an authentic Venetian dining experience…  ...
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Fine Wine: Can you define it?

FINE+RARE interviewed wine lovers and wine trade experts, including a couple of Masters of Wine, to answer the age-old question: “What is a fine...
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Restaurant Review: Fish Market

  Claire Huxley reviews London seafood restaurant the Fish Market… Remember that old adage about the best laid plans? It certainly sprung to mind as...
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Rags to Riches – Fine Wine’s Best Success Stories

From shipwrecks to blighted vines, Claire Huxley examines five wineries whose path to success involved a couple of bumps in the road. Introducing the unlikely...
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Restaurant Review: The Remedy

Fine wine buyer Jessica Bryans reviews new discovery The Remedy Wine Bar… I have to give credit when it is due and so a...
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Burgundy 2014 – Vintage Report

Jessica Bryans, fine wine buyer at FINE+RARE, shares her thoughts on the 2014 Burgundy vintage following her recent trip to the region. Read on for...
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Matching Christmas Food and Wine

There’s no use denying it any longer: Christmas is coming. December is here, the frost is setting in and everything, from your morning coffee...
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Arbikie Highland Estate

FINE+RARE report on our visit to Arbikie Highland Estate, a family-owned whisky distillery in the heart of Angus. Here we learnt about Arbikie’s Limited...
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What To Drink This Christmas – F+R Employee Picks

With the festive season fast approaching, many of our customers are looking to stock up their cellars with the perfect red, white and sparkling...
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Louis Jadot Le Gavroche Dinner

What happens when a world-class restaurant pairs with one of Burgundy’s most prestigious producers? Buying Director and Founding Partner Bud Cuchet reports back from a...
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How to Buy Fine Wine – 5 Essential Tips

The world of fine wine is a vast and exciting one, but if you’re new to the market the choice can be overwhelming: where...
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