Liquid Gold: The Everyday Luxury of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“Partes humani cultus necessariae vinum atque oleum olivarum”: 

The necessary ingredients of civilisation are wine and olive oil


Extra virgin olive oil has become something of a kitchen staple across the globe. Thanks to its much-lauded taste, health and culinary benefits, there are seemingly endless new varieties gracing the market.

Wine and extra virgin olive oil share many commonalities – not least their geographic origins. Both miraculous substances are intertwined in the very foundation of Mediterranean culture. Like wine, the quality of an extra virgin olive oil is influenced by a unique combination of factors: terroir, climate, varietal and production method. For this reason, many winemakers turn their talents to olive oil, from Valentini and La Planeta to Fontodi and Frescobaldi.

When it comes to olive oil, quality is key. We separate the best from the rest, with our pick of the best luxury extra virgin olive oils worth adding to any collection…



In the Middle Ages, Laudemio was the name given to the best part of the harvest, reserved for the lord’s table. Today it represents a consortium of 21 independent, historical olive crus in Tuscany. These estates joined together over thirty years ago to protect the quality of the region’s production and promote the values of origin and authenticity. Known locally as “the Ferrari of olive oils”, every olive is picked early in the ripening season and pressed within 24 hours, and each bottle of Laudemio oil is tested by third party experts before it begins its journey to discerning consumers around the globe.

 Grove and Vine

The brainchild of renowned international oleologist Nicholas Coleman and sommelier Dan Amatuzzi, Grove and Vine is an olive oil subscription service, offering access to limited edition, custom blended extra virgin oils. Each year, Coleman selects four of the finest producers in the world (two from the northern hemisphere and two from the southern hemisphere) and flies over at the moment of pressing to make custom blends at peak freshness. The oils are then bottled and shipped to each member, never reaching their destinations more than a few months after the harvest.

Son Moragues

Originally founded in the 14th Century, the finca of Son Moragues is home to the oldest olive groves on the island of Mallorca. This highly collectable, limited edition, extra virgin organic olive oil was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Archduke Luis Salvador. A tribute to him for awarding Son Moragues olive oil a medal in the 1888 Barcelona Universal Exposition. The vessel for this treasured olive oil is hand-blown at the legendary Gordiola Glassworks, while the collector’s case is hand-crafted on the estate from olive, cypress, pine and cherry prunings.