A Year in Photos: 2015 at FINE + RARE

While the most important thing about wine is undoubtedly the taste, any true oenophile will understand the visual allure of a beautiful label, mountain of corks or cavernous cellar.

Wine Photos FINE+RARE

A photojourney through wine: shots from the F+R Archives… 

In our line of work we’re treated to more of these sights than most, and it was with this in mind that we decided to compile 10 of our favourite pictures from 2015, as catalogued on our Instagram

1. 2013 Smith Haut Lafite Blanc


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2. FINE+RARE Brunello 2010 Tasting

3. Bollinger Rose 2005

…coming soon exclusively to FINE+RARE #bollinger #luxury #finewine #champagne

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4. FINE+RARE Barolo 2011 Tasting

Its Barolo 2011 day at FINE+RARE! 86 2011s to sample #barolo2011 #finewinetasting #corksout A photo posted by FINE+RARE (@fineandrarewines) on

5. Musigny 1979 hidden in the Remoissenet cellars