Take a peek behind the scenes: tastings, dinners and events at FINE+RARE. Find tasting reviews on new releases and our latest discoveries.

A rather special tasting and a 2012 heads up

Last week Bud Cuchet and I spent a couple of days in what was a rather wet and cold Bordeaux. The reason for our...
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2011 Burgundy Vintage Report

Bud Cuchet, Camilla Bowler and I spent a hectic week in Burgundy at the beginning of December. The mission was twofold: firstly, to establish...
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UGC 2010 En Primeurs Tasting

On this rather gloomy, wet, winter’s day, The Royal Opera House opened its doors to an army of wine professionals to sample the 2010...
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Two Champagne Verticals

Blind tasting is not always the best way to taste. The effort it involves focuses the mind and tends to imprint the experience much...
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An Eye-Opening Tasting of Opus One

We were honoured to welcome David Pearson, CEO of Opus One, to our offices earlier this month and our boardroom was packed with staff...
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Chateau Coutet – When is it right to drink Sauternes?

When to drink a wine is always a difficult question. With sweet wines it is even more difficult than usual. The preservative effect of...
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It’s high time to befriend Madeira

That’s Madeira the fortified wine favoured by none other than Thomas Jefferson, who used it to toast the Declaration of Independence; George Washington, Benjamin...
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Fifty Shades of Sherry

Sherry can be the colour of coffee stains on a cream carpet, the colour of lemon-curd sandwiches or the colour of lacquered mahogany. It...
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299 Points Wines

    It’s not often that you get the opportunity to taste 299 points of wines in one sitting, but last Thursday we got...
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“Let the big guns roar”

This wine is as elusive as seeing a badger crossing your local high street. Actually it is almost impossible to find any bottles of...
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2011 Bordeaux: What a difference a fortnight makes

Returning to Bordeaux two weeks after our initial tastings has been an eye opening experience. The plan this week wasn’t to taste any wine at all...
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2011 Bordeaux: Great News for Lafite Lovers

When we last tasted at Lafite, we were disappointed with the 2011 vintage as the wine was awkward and surly: blackly fruited and ferociously...
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